On Demand Webinar: Multi agency services and welfare reform – a burning bridge of opportunity

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Local authorities who are restructuring their finance functions to create efficiency savings face a burning bridge of opportunity.

With a lower benefit cap due to be introduced in the Autumn and Universal Credit rollout continuing, the timescale for welfare reforms are set. Internal restructuring, or just the threat of it, creates internal uncertainty where nothing moves forward, and decisions are delayed.

Multi-agency service managers and staff need management information to help them to identify and support the most vulnerable residents, a big challenge when the impacts of the changes are unknown. Members need business intelligence to confirm that the organisation they’re creating is fit to deliver welfare reforms.

Visionary Network provides continual professional development for local authority professionals, from the Welfare Reform Club.

Listen back to learn:

  1. How welfare reforms are affecting vulnerable people and what this means across services
  2. How a multi-agency service approach can benefit those people most affected by welfare reforms
  3. How to identify individual households most affected by cumulative and aggregate welfare reforms
  4. How to create shared intelligence, leading to shared understanding

View the webinar recording below

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View a data set demo

View a short clip of a data set demo below.



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