On Demand Webinar: Mapping The Impact of Welfare Reforms With Your Own Data

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Analysis of the Cumulative Impact of Welfare Reforms to Tackle Poverty and Deprivation 

Local authorities know that the impact of welfare reforms is going to be big, but they have no way of knowing the impact that future reforms like Universal Credit would have.

By running housing benefit data through Policy in Practice’s Universal Benefit Calculator they can understand the impact at an aggregate level as well as pin pointing exactly how each household is affected by welfare reforms.

Deven Ghelani, CEO of Policy in Practice and a director of the Welfare Reform Club, gave a webinar on this topic in July 2015.

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This webinar covers:

  1. The cumulative impact of welfare cuts in Leeds
  2. What the insights were created and how they were created
  3. How Leeds City Council are using that information to target and tailor support
  4. How this analysis could benefit your organisation

Next Steps

  1. Request a copy of the Leeds City Council case study click here >
  2. Request pricing details for Policy in Practice’s Welfare Reform Impact Analysis click here >
  3. Request pricing details for Policy in Practice’s Universal Benefit Calculator click here >
  4. Request a meeting to discuss your specific welfare reform policy delivery issues click here >


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