On Demand Webinar: Designing your best fit Council Tax Reduction scheme

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Featuring Steve Hill, LB Tower Hamlets

Council tax reduction schemes are intended to keep the most vulnerable citizens safe from poverty. Knowing who those people are is a huge challenge.

Policy in Practice has modelled options for future Council Tax Support schemes in detail for various councils. The impact assessments are used to make informed policy decisions by officers and members.

We consider policy changes including a higher council tax liability, the impact of a higher minimum wage and personal tax allowance and multiple policy options for each local CTRS scheme devised.

Our analysis not only looks at the financial cost, but also the administrative cost, who is impacted and the impact on work incentives.

Listen back to hear:

  • Steve Hill, LB Tower Hamlets, discuss their council tax reduction scheme pressures, and what he did
  • Compelling examples of how we have helped other councils model CTR scheme options
  • The process we go through to create and model different options, for today and in the future (including under Universal Credit)

View the webinar recording below:

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Slide deck

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Download handout

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