On Demand Webinar: Are You Evaluating Universal Benefit Calculators?

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How can software change lives? By making information make sense

Policy in Practice’s Universal Benefit Calculator software has everything you need to help people set realistic job goals – the first step of getting into work.

You can show people what benefits they can get under Universal Credit and the current system, provide advice on where savings might be made and create a simple, straightforward action plan, all in one integrated platform.

This webinar covered:

  1. Why 83% of advisors think the Policy in Practice calculator is faster than their own “better off” calculator
  2. Why 69% of advisors thought the Policy in Practice calculator is easier to use
  3. Why 75% of customers found the visuals used to show their own financial position useful
  4. Why customers are 85% more likely to understand the welfare system

Watch this webinar below

Next Steps

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  2. Request a copy of our Serco or Buckinghams County Council case study click here >
  3. Request pricing details for Policy in Practice’s Universal Benefit Calculator click here >
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