On Demand Webinar: Are you evaluating Universal Benefit and Budgeting Calculators?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Policy in Practice’s Universal Benefit Calculator software has everything you need to help people set realistic job goals – the first step of getting into work. We help you answer the question “Does work pay?”

You can show people what benefits they can get under Universal Credit and the current system, provide advice on where savings might be made, provide help with personal budgeting support and create a simple, straightforward action plan, all in one integrated platform.

Listen back to hear:

  1. Why 83% of advisors think our calculator is faster than their own ‘better off’ calculator
  2. Why 69% of advisors think our calculator is easier to use
  3.  Why 75% of customers find the visuals used to show their own financial position useful
  4. Why customers are 85% more likely to understand the welfare system
  5. How an accurate budgeting tool can also help you triage your clients to key partner organisations to save you time and resources to support your clients

View the webinar recording below

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Slide deck

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