universal credit working hour rule

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I have read somewhere that you have to be working 35hrs per week or earn 35hrs x minimum wage to be entitled to UC. If not you will have to attend looking for work interviews to get a job with better hours or wages,and will not get any universal credit,which is scary if your employer will not give extra hours or cannot afford to increase your wage.Very worried,can you clarify this,thanks.

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  1. Hello Paul,

    Universal Credit is designed to reward work, and you should not be punished for being in-work under Universal Credit. Any work search requirements for claimants already working should be compatible with their current employment.

    Households earning below a certain threshold will be asked if they can take steps to increase their earnings, For claimants without any caring responsibilities, fully able to seek work, this will mean earnings of at least 35 hours x the national minimum wage, or £216.65 per week.

    Examples of how claimants may increase their earnings include

    1. Increasing their hours or their hourly wage with their current employer
    2. Finding one or more additional jobs that they can do alongside their current job
    3. Finding a new job with a higher income

    It is expected that there will be a degree of advisor discretion applied, and claimants will be able to choose an approach that works best for them. It is unlikely that the government will require anyone to leave a job in order to take up a higher paying one elsewhere as the individual is best placed to judge which job on balance (transport, childcare) is best for them.

    I hope that this eases your concerns, all the best for the New Year.


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