Universal Credit: Press Release from Policy in Practice

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Policy in Practice launches its new report on Universal Credit tomorrow.


  • The report asserts that people will have to work fewer hours to escape poverty under Universal Credit.
  • The report recommends short, medium and long-term reforms to Universal Credit to make the policy truly transformative.
  • The Minister for Welfare Reform will be responding to the findings of the report at a launch event on Wednesday evening.

This review was commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as part of a four year programme to develop anti-poverty strategies for the UK and will be available for download form Policy in Practice at midnight tonight.

Katie Schmuecker
, Policy and Research Manager at JRF, said:

“Universal Credit is once in a generation opportunity to reform a failing and overly-complex system. It will remove the worst work incentives of the current system, smooth transitions in and out of work and make it easier for people to access all the support they are entitled to.

“However tax and benefit changes alone cannot tackle poverty. Progress will also require the prevalence of low paid and insecure jobs to be addressed, along with reducing the costs of essentials such as childcare – and improving skills. Joining Universal Credit up to these other vital areas of policy would help it to succeed.”

Deven Ghelani, Director of Policy in Practice and one of the authors of the report  said:

“While the pace of implementation has been criticised, this report serves as a timely reminder of the need for Universal Credit.

“Universal Credit improves upon the current system. It puts more money in people’s pockets, and puts work at the heart of the poverty reduction strategy.

The press release is available here. The report will be available to download from Policy in Practice at midnight tonight.


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