Universal Credit Draft Regulations Published

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You can review the Universal Credit Draft Regulations here.

From scanning them, I haven’t seen too much worthy of summarising – on the whole the regulations mirror the current benefit system where possible, with key differences (such as childcare for work under 16 hours) having already been well publicised.  The downside of this is that the regulations may be missing on opportunities to improve one what we currently have in place, for example by encouraging an ’employer first’ approach to job search and work related activity.

For those with any questions or clarifications needed on the regulations, please post a comment and I will get back to you.

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  1. Type your comment here…
    Hi, does child maintenance get taken into account for Universal Credit purposes? I have read the policy and didn’t see it mentioned under the ‘unearned income’.


    • Hi Sarah.
      You are right, I couldn’t find specific mention to child maintenance payments in the draft regulations. The general guidance would indicate that it would be treated in the same way as earned household income, leading to a tapering of the UC award above the earning disregard. Spousal maintenance payments will be treated as Universal Credit equivalents and lead to a pound for pound reduction in Universal Credit support. I hope this helps to answer your question. It should be clearer as the regulations are finalised. Thanks. Deven.

  2. can I publish on our website any of you documents on welfare refom and universal credit

    • Hi Tom,
      You can’t publish documents from Policy in Practice on your website as all of the material is under copyright.
      However, I am happy for you to link to documents published on my website from your own site.
      Thanks, Deven.

  3. Eat The Poor

    “From scanning them, I haven’t seen too much worthy of summarising”?

    What planet are you on?

    Benefit now to be paid 5 weeks in arrears? good idea, eh. let the poor starve for 5 weeks.

    No claim forms, just claim on internet. Right. everyone who matters has internet access.

    Payment has to be direct into a bank account. Obvious really. Get a bank account, you stupid poor person. Oh, you can’t get one? well starve then…

    No more HB direct to landlords? Evict the buggers, that’ll do them good. What do landlords need money for anyway..

    • Hello.

      What I should have said that there was not too much worthy of summarising that hasn’t already been discussed in the policy briefing notes released last year.

      All of the points you raise are valid and important questions. They are all problems to be solved.

      These problems were previously solved by the benefit system, however it is not clear that it has to be role of the government or the benefit system to solve these problems. There may be market based solutions (i.e. basic bank accounts, direct debits) that solve these problems without the government getting involved.

      This problem solving added to the benefit systems complexity and would often make the transition into work – where these protections are not available – more difficult.

      I’ve spoken with a few organisations to help tackle these challenges, in particular housing associations and local authorities and I think that this constructive approach is helping to identify how big these problems are (sometimes not as big as they are made out) and how to mitigate them where they do exist.

      There are some details in the SSAC regulations that I will comment on once the SSAC meet.

      Hope this is helpful.

  4. smckeown

    Type your comment here…i am in receit of pension credit will this come under the uc or will it remain the same also what is the position of northern ireland best wishes smk

    • Hi there. Pension Credit won’t be affected by Universal Credit. There is a case for some elements of UC to be in Pension Credit as it could improve incentives to supplement the minimum income through work and reward those that have some state pension income.
      Though NI have their own benefits administration, in reality it mirrors the UK very closely. The DWP are working with Northern Ireland to implement Universal Credit in Northern Ireland.

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