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Please note that output from the calculator should be treated as an estimate. The welfare reform bill has yet to pass and many aspects of Universal Credit will be determined in regulations. The free version of the calculator is a ‘ready-reckoner’ providing an accurate estimate of entitlement.

Organisations that would like access to the premium version of the Universal Credit calculator should contact me.

  • Quick and accurate: Universal Credit calculations using a minimum number of screens.
  • Future-proof: updated according the latest welfare regulations, including Universal Credit at no extra cost to you.
  • Results are saved: for management information and analytics purposes.
  • Advisors are able to say with confidence that the claimant will be better off in work.

The calculator has been developed over months of direct user testing with claimants and advisors and uses the latest online technology.  If you are an organisation wanting to learn more about Universal Credit, please feel free to contact us to enquire about advisory services.  I can work with your current software provider to help them integrate Universal Credit quickly and easily into their software.

The calculator has been used commercially to assess the impact of welfare reform on groups of claimants and is free for personal use.  Organisations that wish to use the tool commercially, that want to reference its output or that have a licensing enquiry should contact me.

16 Responses

  1. Just applied for uc. Previously was getting child tax credits with disability premium amounting to £111 week for my child. I am on esa. Now told uc won’t pay disability premium on child tax so £240 month worse off. Can’t feed/clothe my child so can’t parent properly. Have had to start shoplifting in order to feed my disabled child. Appealing for higher level disability but will take 6 months. Now having to do what I need to as backed into a corner hence stealing. No one cares why should I?

    • Deven Ghelani

      Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’m sorry to hear about the problems you have been having. If you are having difficulties covering your housing costs you can apply for a discretionary housing payment from your local council – you can find out more about that here. You can also apply for a budgeting loan to help pay for some of your costs, which you can find more information on here.

      Please post here if you have any questions about either of these.

  2. Can you tell me where to find the ruling that benefit is calculated to include ALL earnings during the month payment period (even if it is a final salary paid from a previous job for work paid in arrears) Is UC payment not paid per week unemployed/sick in arrears any more??

    • Jethro Martin

      Hi Nicki,

      Thanks for your question.

      Yes Universal Credit (UC) is calculated on a month-by-month basis. As you earn more your UC amount will reduce at a rate of 65p for every pound you earn (reducing slightly to 63p next April). So your UC will decrease the more you work, but this will be more than offset by your extra earnings. The UC system takes into account that you may earn more one month than another, so each month a calculation is done to work out how much you will receive. You can find more information here.

      If there is any more we can do to help, please post here.

      • Hi there, thank you very much for the information. Could I just clarify that the assessment period starts from the date you first claim Universal Credit, or is it from your final salary? And what if you’re signed off sick.. so going from Statutory Sick Pay onto Universal Credit due to unemployment?

  3. hi just started working 30 hours a week and i,m on universal credit i,m single and pay council tax and rent. what would i recive per month?

  4. A calculator that claims you are better off in work is not really a calculator. It is propaganda. UC regs have moved on apace and many of the reforms which have been demonstrated to leave some people better off under UC have long since been abandoned. In practice, as a benefit, it is an utter shambles and is leaving people considerably worse off and dealing with benefit scenarios which are far more nuanced, complex and detrimental than anything we have ever seen previously. All logic about work incentives has long gone out of the window. This is now about cuts and politics: being seen to be strong and doing “something” rather than doing something which works.

    http://blog.cix.co.uk/gmorgan/author/gmorgan gives many great illustrations of the realities of UC.

  5. Hiya,
    I was told housing cost for a single mum and a child is 900pounds.
    Is that correct?

    Also if i worked 5hrs a week, ll they pay fo
    r70% cost of childcare for tht amount
    Of time?

    Also they told me after first 200pounds of my wage,that an adjustment ll be made to my unive
    Rsal credit,any clarification

    • Daniel Cavanillas

      Hi Sabrina;

      We can’t really comment on specific cases here. My recommendation would be for you to use our Universal Credit Calculator and enter your details, so that you can understand your situation a bit better.

      Bear in mind that the housing costs element of Universal Credit does not only depend on whether you are a lone parent. Other factors are also important, such as whether you are living in a housing association property, a council flat, or privately-rented accommodation, and the rent you pay.


  6. I am a single parent with two children the youngest is 11. I work part time and i am self employed I work 12 hours a week 6.50 minimim wage as a cleaning lady . i also have 2 pprty which i let out and althought i dont make any money in the rental income , the captial within the ppties is over 16,000, does that mean ?i wont be entitled to claim at all as i have this capital ? i was on the calculator and it said i will only get child benefit ?

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Under Universal Credit, property that serves as your primary residence is not included in your capital. However given that you rent out the properties and they are not your primary residence, they will be considered capital. If the value of the properties exceeds £16,000 you will not be entitled to any Universal Credit.

      You will receive all of your child benefit, provided your taxable annual income is below the £50,000 threshold. After that it will be reduced by 10% for every additional £1,000 of income.

      • Thanks you for that – im not sure how i will survive as i get 50 pounds a week and then child benefit which means i will be living off 300 pounds a month – my morgage is 450 and my council taxi is 90 pounds a week – how will i survive with no child element in the universal credit – my daughter needs bras and knickers and my son is growing taller im so worried , as i dotn think i can live off 300 a month – ive tried everything even ive asked the water board to cut off the water supply –
        I have discussed this with a friend and she said the only alternative would then be to put the children into care –
        work wont give me any extra hours but im already dead beat as it takes me an hour to walk to work and i have to leave the kids on their own for a full day when im working –
        please help

        • If you got 2 other property and they not making you money , sell them and live on that money! once its all gone and you cant buy food then put a claim in for benefits.

    • I am a working single Mum of one child. If I pay a mortgage will I get help with this through the universal credit system? It seems that my payments through universal credit as opposed to tax credits are much lower?

      • Daniel Cavanillas

        Hi Marianne;

        Unfortunately, owner-occupiers are in a difficult situation under Universal Credit.

        If you are an owner-occupier that is deemed to be able to work but not working, then you can only receive support for your mortgage interest for a maximum of two years. If you are working (even if it’s just one hour per week), then you can not receive any support for mortgage interest at all.

        This means that, in many cases, owner-occupiers are financially better off not working at all than working part-time. But, if you have the possibility of working a full-time job, then in most cases you will be better off than not working.


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