Universal Credit App available for Android and iPhone

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You can now download the Universal Credit App for your mobile phone or tablet computer.

  • Simply search the Apple App store or the Android Play store for ‘Universal Credit Calculator’.
  • Download the Universal Credit App with the Policy in Practice logo

Many low-income households use the internet on their mobile. The Universal Credit Calculator from Policy in Practice is designed for mobile and a ‘digital by default’ environment. Using the app means that Advisors have access to the calculator on outreach programs.

Please contact me if you would like to use the calculator or the app for commercial or advisory purposes.

Please remember to rate the Universal Credit Calculator App (with a ‘five star rating’ :)). If you have any constructive feedback on how to improve the calculator, please leave a comment in the box below.

“Really useful tool – nice graphs”

“Quick and easy to use, nice graphs. Accurate enough.”

“Great Little application for getting a feel for universal credit”

Android Users – November, 2012

Universal Credit Calculator App last updated October 2012

Universal Credit App – Description

The Universal Credit Calculator has been designed to illustrate the biggest change to the welfare system in the last fifty years.
As one of the architects of Universal Credit, I had to explain Universal Credit in PowerPoint presentations and word documents. I quickly saw that this was not enough: people wanted to see Universal Credit brought to life to help them understand the welfare changes. I decided to build an online tool to illustrate the new system.
You can try out and link to the free version of the Universal Credit Calculator here. It is ideal for claimants and advisors who want a quick and accurate ‘ready-reckoner’, that has helped thousands of people to understand how Universal Credit will affect them.
The premium version of the calculator is designed for organisations that deal with people on low incomes every day: Quick and accurate Universal Credit calculations using a minimum number of screens.
– Future-proof: updated according the latest welfare regulations, including Universal Credit at no extra cost to you.
– Saves results for management information and analytics purposes.
– Advisors are able to say with confidence that the claimant will be better off in work.Local authorities, housing associations and welfare advisors have all benefited from using the calculator.You can learn more at policyinpractice.co.uk


6 Responses

  1. Karla Mountfort

    Carnt sign in and need to know how much I am gtting paid and when it’s going in to my partners account mr Stephen probert plz

    • Zoe Charlesworth

      Hi Karla, I hope you managed to sort this out by now. We are not the Universal Credit – we are a company that provides a calculator so that people can work out how much they will get. You can use our calculator at https://www.betteroffcalculator.co.uk/#/calculator/new/step1 which should give you an indication of how much you will get but will need to talk to Universal Credit about when you will be paid.

  2. lynn mcdonald

    Hi just wondoring what day i get payed as ment to be 3 of jan will it go in erly

    • Jethro Martin

      Hi Lynn.

      Thank you for your question.

      The date you get paid depends on the benefits you receive. If you are waiting for your first Universal Credit (UC) payment, this can take up to six weeks. Payments will then be made each month on the same day (if this is a weekend then the payment will be made the working day before). If you aren’t on UC then some benefits are paid fortnightly, for example Job Seekers Allowance.

      You may be able to apply for a ‘budgeting advance’ if you are struggling – you can find more information on that here. If you are waiting for your first benefit payment you may be able to get a ‘short term benefit advance’, which grants you an early payment that is later taken off your full benefit amount. You can read about that here.

      If you have any other questions please post here.

  3. Hi

    The online version of the calculator is great, but I have to say I’m completely scared off from downloading the mobile app because of the extreme access levels that the app requires to the handset it is being downloaded onto.

    All of the data to make the calculations is based on the figures entered into the fields so I don’t understand why the access levels for this app have been configured to allow the app access to all of the personal data avaialble from the handset.

    The list of access requirements for this app are pretty scary, and the bulk of them are obviously unneccesary for the app to operate (GPS location, access to search for other accounts on the phone, access to messages and permissions to modify or delete contact data etc.). It could be that this has just been an oversight during development, but as it stands there is no way that I’d install an app like this on my phone, where the access permissions greatly exceed the scope of the application’s functionality.

    It’s a real shame – the online version is superb, and it makes a lot of sense as a mobile app.

    • Dear A.,

      Thanks for your comment. We agree that the permissions for the app are excessive and will be removing all unnecessary permissions in our next development phase of the app. This should be complete within the next month.

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