Unearned income and UC

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I get widowed parents allowance from the DWP and widow’s pensions from my late husband’s pension schemes and I’m trying to find out how they will affect Universal Credit (UC).

Please consider including a section for unearned income next time you upgrade the calculator. Also, when the box asks for salary, please add a note explaining if it wants gross or net – and if net then just net of tax, or tax and NI, or tax and NI and pension contributions, or what? Thanks.

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  1. Lydia,

    An excellent set of comments and suggestions. Thank you.

    There are a set of questions about unearned income in the premium version of the calculator. I will consider adding these questions to the free version as I update the Universal Credit Calculator to the latest regulations before February 2013.

    The free version of the UC calculator is intended for claimants, while the premium version is intended for welfare rights advisors. Your comment does make me reconsider what features need to be included in the free version.

    Many thanks,


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