Telegraph article – Benefits Street

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Policy in Practice were featured in the Daily Telegraph and the Spectator this weekend, in an article looking at the marginal tax rates faced by the people on James Turner Street, made famous in the Channel 4 Documentary ‘Benefits Street’.

Telegraph article - Benefits Street
Policy in Practice in the Telegraph


The Telegraph article argues that some of the people on the street are behaving rationally in deciding not to work, and that this supports the case for welfare reform – arguing for lower marginal tax rates under Universal Credit. The article can be found here.






There were two errors in the printed article related to the better off calculation and the top effective tax rate under Universal Credit. These errors were not related to our analysis, Policy in Practice made both papers aware immediately and the online articles have now been corrected.
The corrections are:
  • If Dee landed a £23,000-a-year job, she;d be just £5,975 better off than if she’d spent the year watching TV.
  • Universal Credit would lower the top effective tax rate to 76%
Our Analysis for the Spectator on benefit Street can be downloaded by clicking on the hyperlink.

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