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Live discussion: tackling youth unemployment
The Guardian

Youth unemployment has reached alarming new heights over the last year and figures are now estimated to include over 1 million people aged between 16-24.  What can local government do to tackle youth unemployment?

Deven Ghelani is senior researcher for welfare, employment and public spending at the Centre for Social Justice He has written extensively on welfare policy.

Some important observations from the comments already posted here.

– Experience of and exposure to the workplace can significantly reduce the risk of youth unemployment
– Intermediaries have an important role to play here – JCP, exmployment agencies and others can help to tackle the problem
– Employability and attitude is important to the business owners that create the jobs
– The ‘offer’ to young people – do they see the long term benefits of taking an entry level role?
– Not all young people are in the same position – many young people are doing well in a difficult labour market and deserve some credit

Here is a link to the CSJs work on the topic: http://goo.gl/0BSM0


13 June 2012 12:30PM


I fully agree with Hughes12.

A lack of feedback was consistently cited by jobseekers as being demotivating.

Employers argue that they have too many applicants to respond individually, but there were some good examples from larger employers providing basic feedback.

Things like:
– Good, keep trying
– Good, but get more experience
– Sorry, but you did not pass our automated test
– Sorry, but you did not complete the application form correctly

Even that level of feedback provides acknowledgement and some pointers that can help intermediaries give better guidance.



Response to JamesatBromford, 13 June 2012 12:32PM

An employer feedback template was a recommendation in the Creating Opportunity report.

– http://goo.gl/0BSM0

One of the reasons employers fails to give feedback is the risk that their feedback can be construed as discrimination. A feedback template (provided by BIS / LGA?) checked by the lawyers would provide some reassurance. A space for a sentence on personalised feedback would make the letters more useful to candidates.

I would be keen to work with you further on this if there is scope.

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