Statutory Maternity Pay and Universal Credit

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Under the current system I will be entitled to tax credits from April 2013, however I am from the north west and this is when UC starts for new claimants. So, Ill be going from full 24k salary to SMP £135.45 per week 1st April until the 30th Sept….is there a calculator for me to work out what I am entitled to or am i going to be entitled to nothing? Its 4 months away and I need to be able to budget my maternity leave, proving difficult when i dont know my entitlements and I have never claimed anything before so completely new to this?


I need to be able to calculate my entitlements next year. My SMP starts 1st April and runs until 30th Sept. I am a new claimant, using this calculator I input 37 hours at £3.66 as my SMP income and it advises on top of this I would get £819 in benefits. Is this right, I will only be on maternity for 7 months of the year 6 with SMP income, 1 with no income unless i take KIT days or Annual holiday pay. The remaining 5 from November I would be back in work earning approx 25k (£13per hour) claiming for childcare (£694 per month cost) of which it then tells me I would get £710 in total benefits on top of my salary.

I need to be able to budget but for me just so happens Im from Manchester and UC comes into effect in april just as my SMP starts, I need to know how much budget I need to get me through maternity!!

Please help



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  1. Hello Laura,

    The roll out in the North East will be on a very small scale, and affect new JSA-equivalent claimants only so you are very unlikely to be selected as part of the pilot.

    The treatment of statutory maternity pay will have to wait until the regulations are finalised, but as they currently stand I believe that you would be entitled to Universal Credit based on your personal circumstances, less the amount of your statutory maternity pay. 

    I hope this helps. Deven. 

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