Housing Associations and Universal Credit

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Does your housing association know the residents that will struggle with direct, monthly benefit payments under Universal Credit, and what impact this will have on rent arrears?  A recent poll found that fewer than half of benefit claimants would prioritise their rent above other household bills.  The direct payment pilots indicate that landlords face increasing arrears and don’t know their residents as well as they perhaps thought they did.

social_housingCollecting information using the Universal Credit Calculator has helped housing associations build a closer relationship with their tenants

The Universal Credit calculator, online and now a mobile ‘App’ gives housing associations a portable and constructive way to learn how Universal Credit will affect residents on a household basis.  The calculator has already helped hundreds of claimants to understand the benefits of work under the new system, as well as the impact of the benefit cap and their rent obligations.  Housing associations have been able to use this information to categorise households that are low, medium and high risk with regard to arrears and are now able to offer cost-effective support.

The information collected has also been used to help housing associations and households prepare for the ‘bedroom tax’.

Contact us for a no obligation FREE trail of the premium version of the Universal Credit calculator.  We can also help you with critical analysis, mapping welfare changes onto a cohort population and help housing associations be prepared for welfare reform.

Do you know the impact of welfare reform on your residents?  If you want a cost-effective way to prepare for welfare reform, contact us to learn more about how we have helped others.

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  1. Hi Devon,

           I asking you i have working for 36 hours per weeks £7.50per hours and i got DLA middle Rate £51.85 per weeks and Working Tax credit as well and My wife got is ESA Support Group £105.05 per weeks and DLA Middle Rates £51.85 per weeks and Child Tax Credit and children Benefits…. So still Claim quiaty for Mortgages Support Interest??

    Let me Know please Yes or No

    Many Thank

    Ronald Martin          

    • Ronald,
      I don’t fully understand your question, but I also cannot give advice on individual cases. Can I suggest you ask at your local Citizens Advice Bureau. I will be outlining the regulations later this month, you may see find your answer in there.
      Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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