Download Your Essential Pocket Guide to the Summer Budget 2015

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What’s The Timeline For Welfare Changes?

We’ve put together a Pocket Guide to the Summer Budget which we hope helps you prepare for the future.

The simple timeline shows when welfare policy changes are planned, from April 2016 to April 2020.

Download Policy in Practice’s Pocket Guide to the Summer Budget 2015 [PDF] click here >

Please feel free to print your own copies of this at-a-glance guide formatted for postcard size printing.  Alternatively, request hard copies from us.

Our Universal Benefit Calculator can help you explain these changes to your customers.

We want to help you prepare for the upcoming changes to welfare policy so that people get the support that they need.

Our calculator will allow you (and your customers) to see the impact of the summer budget changes on a case by case basis.

We took a similar approach to the benefit cap in LB Lewisham in 2013 and found that 85% of customers understood all or most of what they needed to know about welfare changes after a calculation with an advisor.

Understand the impact of the Summer Budget in your area.

We are helping Leeds and Birmingham councils to help you to understand the impact of welfare changes in your local area. Using our Universal Benefit Calculator engine, we can analyse local authority Single Housing Benefit Extract (SHBE) to show you the impact of changes on a household-by-household basis, and in aggregate.

This can help local authorities to target scarce support resources more effectively and make better strategic decisions.

Read about how we helped Leeds City Council analyse the cumulative impact of welfare reform on the city.

Further Reading

(Update:  This blog post was updated on 23 July to reflect changes to the implementation date of the benefit cap from 2017 to April 2016 as outlined in the DWP’s Impact Assessment report published on 21/07/2015.)


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