Carers and the Universal Credit

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The DWP has released briefing notes on the universal credit and carers, available here.

  • Carers allowance will continue to exist as a separate benefit, outside of universal credit.
  • Full time carers (over 35 hours) will be eligible for a carers addition to Universal Credit and face no conditionality requirements.
  • Part time carers may faces some level of conditionality, this will depend on the nature of their caring responsibilities.
  • Those caring for a disabled partner who want to work will have generous earnings disregards that reward work.

Foster carers entitlements will continue to have their income from fostering disregarded for the Universal Credit, it will not be treated as self-employed income.  The main carer will fall into the ‘keep in touch’ conditionality group, however the partner of the main carer is likely to face full conditionality requirements, expected to seek work except in exceptional circumstances.

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