Deven Ghelani at the Leading Lights Network

Policy in Practice hosts local government Leading Lights at the House of Lords

Leading lights from councils, housing associations and welfare to work providers discussed welfare reform policy and its delivery at the House of Lords recently. 

on demand webinar from Policy in Practice

On Demand Webinar: How Policy in Practice is Helping Work Programme Contractors Deliver Better Job Outcomes

Peter Carter demos Policy in Practice's Better Off In Work software and shows how it's helping Work Programme contractors deliver better job outcomes. Featuring Serco case study. View this recording of our webinar held on 30 July 2015 for more.

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on demand webinar from Policy in Practice

On Demand Webinar: Mapping The Impact of Welfare Reforms With Your Own Data

Leeds City Council mapped the cumulative impact of Welfare Reforms on residents using a data set all Local Authorities have. View this recording of a Visionary Network webinar that Deven Ghelani gave on 28 July 2015 for Welfare Reform Club for more.

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The Benefit Cap – Truth, lies and statistics

The Benefit Cap – Truth, lies and statistics.
The benefit cap came into effect across four London boroughs this week. Some two and a half thousand families across Bromley, Croydon, Enfield and Haringey will begin to be impacted. A row has erupted over this controversial policy, and the impact it is likely to have. Our work in Lewisham shows that local authorities can have an impact on the number of households affected.

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Universal Credit and Self Employment / Sole Traders.

Dear Policy in Practice, Thank you to you and your team for putting together the Universal Credit Calculator together. It will be very useful for many people. However, I’m afraid it is lacking in the self-employed/sole trader department. I also … Continued

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Unearned income and UC

I get widowed parents allowance from the DWP and widow’s pensions from my late husband’s pension schemes and I’m trying to find out how they will affect Universal Credit (UC). Please consider including a section for unearned income next time … Continued

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Universal Credit Calculator

Are the fields on the Universal Credit Calculator how the benefit is actually going to be assessed and processed?; and was the Universal Credit Calculator designed before the Chancellor of the Exchecor’s Autumn Mini-Budget? Because according to the calculator, a … Continued

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Universal credits

Can you tell me what information your calculator is based on – taper rates disregards etc? I’m rather worried abt my entitlement when moved from child tax credit to universal credit

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Progression in work under Universal Credit

A study out today by Resolution Foundation on in work conditionality in Universal Credit risks raising undue alarm among tax credit claimants. “@resfoundation: Study shows 1.2 million workers face threat to benefits under Universal Credit – our new press release … Continued

Tackling Youth Unemployment – The Guardian

Live discussion: tackling youth unemployment The Guardian Youth unemployment has reached alarming new heights over the last year and figures are now estimated to include over 1 million people aged between 16-24.  What can local government do to tackle youth unemployment? Deven … Continued

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SSAC Report on Passported Benefits and Universal Credit

The Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) were asked by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to provide guiding principles for the department on how Passported Benefits (Free School Meals, Healthcare, Justice and Energy) could work with Universal Credit.  Policy … Continued

Benefit Cap – latest

The DWP gave an update on the Benefit Cap to a small group of local authorities.  The key messages are summarised below. The benefit cap will be reviewed annually, and uprated at the Ministers discretion.  It is not clear whether the uprating will … Continued

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Cost of losing free school meals under Universal Credit

Losing Free School Meals can cost an awful lot more than just their monetary value. This table I produced for the Social Security Advisory Committee and the Department for Education shows that a family with three children losing free school meals worth £1,130 will need an increase in gross income of up to £4,700 to compensate.

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Localisation of Council Tax Support: DCLG Response

Previously, Policy in practice struggled to see how local authorities would be able to meet the requirements of the consultation set out by DCLG, while also meeting the requirements set out by the DWP. The only possible solution would have been to apply deductions in council tax support ‘at source’, while significantly restricting support to working age claimants and raising the administrative burden for local authorities and claimants. It appears that this is the solution the government are pressing ahead with.

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